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Wayne Witzel

Wayne Witzel
Quantum Computer Science
Phone: 505/844-8330
Fax: 505/284-2518

Mailing address:
Sandia National Laboratories
P.O. Box 5800, MS 1322
Albuquerque, NM

My primary research is in quantum information.  I have pioneered cluster expansion methods for calculating the decoherence rate of a spin qubit in the presence of impurity nuclear and electron spins.  I've also studied dynamical decoupling strategies in this context.  I've broadened my research into more general considerations of robust quantum gate operations, particularly in the context of donor spin qubits.  I've been devising and comparing two-qubit gate operations involving electron and nuclear spin qubits.

Another interest of mine is in the field of formal methods.  I am developing my own general-purpose theorem proving system in Python that I believe can be more broadly useful than existing approaches.  Prove-It's strength is in its versatility.  My colleagues and I demonstrated this versatility by using it to formally bound the output probability distribution of an important quantum algorithm:




Fall 2002 - Spring 2007, PhD in Physics at the University of Maryland under the direction of Distinguished University Professor Sankar Das Sarma.

Spring 2000 - Fall 2002, Computer Professional at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah.

Fall 1995 - Spring 2000, BS in Computer Science and BS in Physics at the University of Utah.



Selected Publications & Presentations

  • Jock, Ryan Michael, Noah Tobias Jacobson, Patrick Harvey-Collard, Andrew Mounce, Vanita Srinivasa, Daniel Robert Ward, John Moses Anderson, Ronald P. Manginell, Joel R. Wendt, Martin Rudolph, Tammy Pluym, John King Gamble, Andrew David Baczewski, Wayne Witzel, Malcolm S. Carroll, "A silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor electron spin-orbit qubit," Journal Article, Nature Communications, Vol. 9, p. 1768, Accepted/Published May 2018.

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