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Laura Painton Swiler

Laura Painton Swiler
Optimization & Uncertainty Quantification
Phone: 505/844-8093
Fax: 505/284-2518

Mailing address:
Sandia National Laboratories
P.O. Box 5800, MS 1318
Albuquerque, NM

Laura has worked at Sandia since 1995.  She is currently a distinguished member of technical staff in the optimization and uncertainty quantification department.   Laura's research interests include uncertainty quantification for computational models, calibration of model parameters, sensitivity analysis, and model selection.  Laura is a developer on the Dakota team:  she develops and implements algorithms in the Dakota software project.


Laura earned a B.S. in Applied Mathematics Yale in 1987 and a M.S. in Operations Research from Stanford in 1989.  She was a Dept. of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellow at Carnegie Mellon from 1992-94, earning her Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy in 1995.  Her dissertation was on combinatorial optimization under uncertainty with applications to design reliability problems.  Laura worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories from 1987-91.


Selected Publications & Presentations

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  • Swiler, Laura Painton, Brian M. Adams, William Wieselquist, "Sample Generation for Nuclear Data," SAND Report, September 2018.
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