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Courtenay T. Vaughan

Courtenay T. Vaughan
Scalable Computer Architecture
Phone: 505/845-7277
Fax: 505/845-7442

Mailing address:
Sandia National Laboratories
P.O. Box 5800, MS 1319
Albuquerque, NM

My current research interests include performance modeling and analysis, code optimization, and characterization of current high performance computing (HPC) platforms.  As a member of the Application Performance Modeling and Anaylsis Team, we are using the knowledge of current architectures to predict performance of future machines and to try to influence those designs.  My background working on several code projects involving porting codes to then current HPC platforms has enabled me to work with many codes on new machines.


Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, University of Virginia, 1989

Masters in Applied Mathematics, University of Virginia, 1986

B.S. in Mathematics and Physics, Marietta College, 1984

Awards & Recognition

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  • Barrett, Richard F., Michael A. Heroux, Paul T. Lin, Courtenay T. Vaughan, Alan B. Williams, Best Paper/Poster, Best Poster, IEEE/ACM International Conference on High-Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC'11) Conference, November 15, 2011.
  • Laros, James Howard, III, Kevin T. Pedretti, Suzanne M. Kelly, James A. Ang, Ronald B. Brightwell, John P. Vandyke, Courtenay T. Vaughan, Robert A. Ballance, Other External Recognition, 2011 National Nuclear Security Administration Defense Programs Award of Excellence, National Nuclear Security Administration, September 1, 2011.
  • Ballance, Bob, Bob Benner, Courtenay Vaughan, Cynthia Phillips, Gerald Quinlan, James H Laros, III, Jim Tomkins, John VanDyke, Keith Underwood, Kevin Pedretti, Lee Ann Riesen, Lee Ward, Len Stans, Linda Bonnefoy-Lev, Michael Levenhagen, Patricia Brown, Paul Iwanchuk, Rolf Riesen, Ruth Klundt, Suzanne Kelly, Trammell Hudson, Vitus Leung, William J. Camp, Award, Excellence in Technology Transfer, Federal Laboratory Consortium, Red Storm Massively Parallel Processor, April 29, 2010.